Prioritise responsible and socially conscious brands

Soil aims to raise awareness around purchasing good quality items at a reasonable and responsible price inviting to invest in timeless, high-quality pieces wearable for years season after season. Even though it is challenging to compete with the fast-fashion competitors, Soil invites to shop less, educate ourselves (and others) about manufacturing and production, and prioritise ethical brands.

Sustainability is difficult to define, and nearly impossible to fully achieve. However, The Soil brand is doing its best to promote ethical practices when it comes to fabric selection, sourcing and using only the best-quality natural fabrics - silk, linen, wool and cotton.

Even after all these years and the many technological advancements in textile production, there is still no better alternative to natural fabrics, considering environmental impact, comfort, look and ethical issues. Natural fabrics are valued for the comfort against skin, their natural luxurious look and the fact that they are made from renewable fibers. They are also easy to dispose and do not cause long-term damage to the environment.

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